The House Maids - Pre- and Post house cleaning services Randburg


We proudly provide safe and reliable detergents and chemicals. We offer multiple cleaning packages that are tailored to meet the demands and accommodate your cleaning needs. A comprehensive description of each cleaning package is detailed below.

We drop off and collect anytime between 6:00 and 9:00 AM and collect after 8hours. The cleaner conducts all chores within the general house cleaning parameters. We can supply cleaning supplies at an added charge or you can supply your own.

We provide +-3 maids for two or four hours, depending on your request and cleaning needs. This is recommended for a home that just needs a quick tidy up. This service exclude ironing and include cleaning supplies.

This is a detailed cleaning that will leave your house looking cleaner than before. Rates are based on the size of the house and cleanings require anywhere from 4-8 hours for completion. We supply all cleaning supplies and equipment.

This is a top to bottom cleaning, perfect for occupied or newly renovated houses. We provide a team depending on the size and intensity of cleaning required. The cleaning require anywhere between 4- 8hours for completion. We supply all cleaning supplies and equipment.